Jade Norwood Photography

Jade Norwood is an amazing wedding photographer based in Adelaide, Australia. As a photographer myself, it takes a lot to earn my praise. She has an amazing perspective and control of light. I’m a huge fan of her work. Below is an example of Jade’s photography. View more at her site here.

adelaide wedding photos

Read about her latest posts here on her blog.

Tofurious | SEO for Photographers

Not long ago, social engagement alone was effective in building trust. Like all new and shiny things, social media became ubiquitous. To build trust, brands had to go above and beyond to earn customer loyalty. That is where content strategy came in.

The concept of content strategy is not new. In fact, it has been used for as long as I remember. However, content strategy paired with social media became a force to be reckoned with because there are so many new mediums to share content.

However, content alone is not enough. You need to be found by those who matter. That’s where SEO comes in. In other words, “search engine optimization.” Find more information here. It’s written by top marketing strategist, Tofurious.

austin wedding photo

Mason Jar Films | Austin, Texas

I had the honor of meeting Chris Jones at an event he was hosting called, “Infocus,” where he invited various media professionals to share their strategies in film making and branding. I was lucky enough to be one of the handful of presenters.

During our hangouts, I discovered his video artistry and wanted to share his film work in Austin, Texas and destination locations. He’s definitely worth checking out!


Here are some screenshots from his wedding videos!

austin wedding photo

austin wedding picture

fashion photos

Vancouver’s Boba Drinking Photographer

I know of a guy who could outdrink any photographer when it comes to tapioca milk tea. At the same time, Rockie Lee is brilliant when it comes to portraits.

Check out his websites. He has two because one is more geared for family, while the other is more intimate.

Family Portraits | http://rockielee.com/

family photos

Intimate Portraits | http://therockphotography.com/blog/

fashion photos

Atomic Dots Photography

Tonight, I was chatting with a brave soul — Serge. His story was inspiring. Wanting to see more than the US, he sold his house and traveled the world for a year.

Ultimately, he settled in Xiamen, China. Shortly after, he met his wife. They got married. They’re unsure of where they will go next — maybe Melbourne, AU, or some other part of China. Who knows?

In any event, his commercial photography in China is commendable. Check out his site!

commercial photography

Featured Photographer: Stephanie Hunter

Today, I had a little chat with Stephanie Hunter — photographer based in Austin, Texas — and she inspired me with her use of film.

Her approach is to capture the organic moments that sprout from human interaction. Easier said than done because, like most of us, we shy away when in front of the camera. Stephanie’s charming demeanor melts away fears and invites subjects to be warm up to the concept.

Her charisma even works for dogs!

tornoto newborn baby photo

Featured Photographer: Alana McClure

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Alana McClure, who is an amazing newborn and baby photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

She utilizes a timeless approach without the use of funny props that parents (and kids) are bound to regret years later. You know what I’m talking about … like putting a baby in a giant flower.

Check out some of her work on her website!

tornoto newborn baby photo